JUSHI'S   MISSIONTransform from “Made in China” to “Created in China” and
                                                                              Contribute to the Development of the Composites Industry.

JUSHI'S   VISION Become the Leader of the World Fiberglass Industry.

JUSHI'S   VALUES Behavior, Innovation, Responsibility, Learning, Enthusiasm.

  • -Behavior

    We conduct business and deal with all stakeholders in an ethical manner.

    We act with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness in workplace.

    Ethical behavior has become one of our core competitive advantages.

    Our continued success depends on following our Code of Conduct.

  • -Innovation

    Innovation is the essence of Jushi culture.

    Innovation drives our growth which enhances our strength.

    We innovate our concept, mechanism, technology and management.

    We are always ready to take up challenges and adapt ourselves to changes.

  • -Responsibility

    Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture.

    Jushi shoulders the mission to develop the Chinese fiberglass industry.

    Jushi is committed to social responsibilities.

    We are responsible for our workforce, products, environment and society.

  • -Learning

    Learning empowers innovation.

    Excellence is our benchmark.

    Through learning we upgrade ourselves and enhance corporate value.

    Jushi promotes an environment where employees share information, experience, technology and knowledge.

  • -Enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm permeates our corporate culture.

    Enthusiasm is the driving force for the rapid growth of Jushi.

    We relentlessly pursue perfection and aggressively seek growth.

    We are always full of enthusiasm in all our endeavors.