E-Glass Texturized Roving

E-Glass Texturized Roving is compatible with PF, EP and UP resins.

It features as uniform texturizing and high absorbability; it is used to manufacture thermal insulation and acoustic insulation products.

Product No.:752
Nominal Linear Density, tex:400、660、2400
Product Features:Excellent texturing process with optimum texturing efficiency; Compatible with multiple resins; Excellent mechanical properties of the composite product
Resin Compatibility:UP/EP/PF
Applications:Automotive friction plate
Data sheet:Download

Product No.:752A
Nominal Linear Density, tex:660, 1200, 2400, 3500, 4000
Product Features:High temperature resistance,friction resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent filtration property; Bulky texturized roving,good resin adsorption and good compatiblity with resins; Excellent mechanical properties of composite products.
Resin Compatibility:UP, EP, etc
Applications:Pultruded profiles, automotive friction plates, high-temperature filter materials and high-temperature thermal insulating materials
Data sheet:Download