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E8 high modulus glass fiber is
-a new solution for high end composites, and 
-possessing a modulus exceeding that of S-glass fiber.
E8 has been developed by China Jushi in 2016. It offers higher modulus (up to over 95 GPa) and better fatigue resistance than E7 glass fiber and even S-glass fiber, and now can be manufactured with tank furnaces in a stable and efficient way. E8 has much better cost performance than S-glass fiber, making it more competitive than the latter.
  • High-pressure pipeline
  • Wind facilities
  • Boats
Compared with E6 and E7 glass, Jushi E8 offers the following unique benefits:
⊙Higher modulus, 17% higher than E6 glass, 7% higher than E7 glass;
⊙Higher softening point, 32oC higher than E6 glass, 9oC higher than E7 glass;
⊙The use of  boron-free and fluorine-free raw materials enables clean production;
⊙E8 retains excellent electrical properties of E6 glass fiber;
E8 is therefore more suitable for wind energy, high pressure and high temperature applications.

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