Better Performance / Wider Applications / More Environment Friendly / More Favorable Customer Evaluation

E6 high performance glass fiber is 
- a new high performance environment-friendly glass fiber;
- an ideal replacement for mainstream E glass fiber;and
- a highly cost-effective glass fiber product
E6 is a new E-glass fiber with enhanced properties. It combines all the benefits of E-glass fiber with technical breakthroughs in strength, modulus, temperature resistance and acid corrosion resistance, thus meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications. E6 provides Jushi with a complete new technology platform on which new solutions are developed for a wide range of applications for different end-use markets.
  • High-pressure pipeline
  • Wind facilities
  • Boats
Compared with traditional E-glass fiber, Jushi E6® offers the following unique benefits:
⊙Higher tensile strength
⊙Higher softening temperature 
⊙Superior mechanical properties    
⊙Excellent environment durability

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