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E7 glass fiber
opens new space for high end applications of composites,
enables wind blades to be longer, more durable and more cost effective, and enables pultrusion materials to have higher strength, stiffness and performance.
E7 is a high strength and high modulus glass fiber. While having all the advantages of traditional E glass, E7 features technological breakthroughs in modulus, strength and softening point and can meet special needs of the high end markets. E7 provides a brand-new technological platform for Jushi products. The product lines developed on the basis of this new platform have wide applications and offer brand new solutions to the various needs of demanding customers.
  • High-pressure pipeline
  • Wind facilities
  • Boats
Compared with traditional E-glass fiber, Jushi E7® offers the following unique benefits:
⊙Higher strength, 30% higher than traditional E glass;
⊙Higher modulus, 23% higher than traditional E glass;
⊙Higher softening point, about 80% higher than traditional E glass.

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